Is Braun’s Energy Star Electric Saver Really Green?

braun790ccThe best products in the world hold the Energy Star-certified rating for conforming to strict environmental regulations. You may have noticed that most products do not currently have this rating. Electric shavers can be energy-guzzlers. The noisier they are, the harder they work. Over time an electric shaver can certainly consume a lot of power. Proctor & Gamble currently owns Braun, and they have created a new line of electric shavers that they claim are Energy Star-certified. These are the first electric shavers in the world to achieve this rating. This is Braun’s solution to the electric shaver that runs on a lot of power.

This Braun shaver is powered by unique sonic pulses called Pulsonic. The casing looks much like the shape of the regular foil style type of shaver, and it has a light grey finish. It comes with a separate charging station. What’s so special about the Pulsonic is that it has a smart plug. You may have heard about smart plugs before. They use 64% less energy than the standard electric shaver.

According to the Best Electric Shaver portal, this means that over 12 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions will not be created each year. This apparently is equal to removing 1,073 cars from the road during this one year time frame, or, enough electricity to light 5,861 homes for a year, or, planting 1,526 acres of forest. These are some mighty claims, but they’re backed up by the Energy Star rating.

The Braun 790CC Sensoflex Series 7 men’s shaver sells for around $900, so let’s see how the features stack up against the claims.

The Braun Sensoflex will provide thousands of micro vibrations to cleanly shave off any hair on the surface of your skin. A unique contouring system will capture every hair. The integrated cutter and twin foils will cut hairs that lie close to the skin, so nothing is left behind.

This electric shaver is slimmer and more easier to hold than other Braun shavers. Braun worked to create a unique design with their Energy Star-certified shaver, knowing that men expected a lot more, for this higher price tag.

The Braun shaver can be placed head down into the Clean & Renew system. It’ll be automatically cleaned, lubricated, dried, and charged, all with the press of a button. The Clean & Renew system is attractive enough to store on your bathroom counter all the time, and it’s quite sturdy. It has a variety of LED lights, so you know exactly which stage your shaver is going through.

The price tag of this product is rather exorbitant at $800. You may be able to find Braun’s Energy Star-certified product for a better price elsewhere, and it would certainly be worth having a look around. While you may be saving some dollars on your power bill, it may be years before you get a good return on investment. The Braun 790CC Sensoflex Series 7 does a perfect job at shaving, but until the price comes down a bit, this one should be relegated to the Braun museum.

Heliosphere Impact on Geospace

Heliosphere Impact on GeospaceSolar activity and its affect on the atmosphere is a fascinating and complicated area of study. The sun has an untold number of affects and as the various output levels and radiation levels change the temperature and mixing factors seen in the upper and lower atmosphere. This exactly what thousands of researchers and scientists are working diligently to understand. Of course there are thousands more things that play a pivotal role in the atmospheric patterns that make it even more complicated and with enough research these research groups are hoping to understand exactly what is going on.

The one thing that makes it so impossible to understand the atmosphere is the fact that there literally are thousands of things going on at any given point in time. The number of variables is incalculable and because of that scientists know that they will never have a complete understanding of what is going on. The good news is that research has proven that there are a number of relatively good calculations that can be performed that give us a fairly good idea of what is happening.

Other important things being studied right now involve how the sun and solar activity affect things such as communications and radio. This is a relatively new science as well because there are so many factors involved with predicting and understanding the interactions. Researchers have a relatively clear idea of what causes what type of reaction in the ionosphere but at this point they still do not have anywhere near enough information to accurately or remotely predict the results of a major occurrence. The other big part of this is finding a way to protect against what could be a major solar flare up.

It appears to be impossible right now to avoid a catastrophe when some sort of major solar storm affects earth, but researchers are hopeful that with enough investigation they will be able to find a sufficient and successful preventative measure for this type of scenario. It may take months or years to find any type of effective prevention method but that truly is the end goal to this research project. The heliosphere is also a major player when it comes to the atmosphere and the geological layout of earth; all in all there are just so many factors that it is difficult to understand what exactly each thing does.

For now the research into the atmosphere and the sun’s impact will continue as planned. Electromagnetic interference and radiation are still huge factors from the sun and with enough research we hope to understand it a little bit better one day though it really might take a hundred years or more to have any real idea of what is happening above us in the atmosphere. Solar and atmospheric research truly is one of the most exciting and revolutionary fields of research.